Once upon a time in Venice

ancient metal pattern on stone surface
During the Austrian occupation in the 19th century, a young Venetian girl fell in love with an Austrian soldier. The two of them were very happy and started to make plans for their future together. But the girl’s family wasn’t very content about this “unpatriotic” union and tried to convince her not to get married...
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snow bird people dark
The oath Europe was afflicted more than 200 years by the plague when the Senat decided on the 8th September 1576 for the first time in the history of the city to swear an oath: A temple dedicated to Jesus Christ should be erected on the island Giudecca once the plague ceases. But that’s not...
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grey skulls piled on ground
Is there someone amongst you who didn’t arrive in Venice at the Santa Lucia train station? Once you leave the building and step out into the sun you are welcomed by the Grand Canal and the Church of San Simeon Piccolo on the other side of the canal. One of the most spectacular views in...
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silhouette photography of man at beach during sunset
Four men stood on Lido island at the waterfront looking at the lagoon. The Doge’s Palace rose majestically on the other side in the heart of the city. The goal was clear: Who would reach the Doge’s Palace, or more precisely the Ponte della Paglia*, first would win the swimming tournament. Ready, steady, go! The...
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The members of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco* discussed in the rooms of the brotherhood the works submitted by the different artists. They had planned to decorate the halls with a spectacular cycle of paintings and thus a request for proposals was published to find an artist for this important assignment. Paolo Veronese, Giuseppe...
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close up of tree against sky
She was all alone. Teseo, her beloved Teseo, had abandoned her on this island. The dangers that she had endured to safe her lover from her fathers’s feared maze, the death of her half-brother, the minotaur, the flight from her home, … What did she endure all these strains for? Ariadne fell asleep, tired and...
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nativity painting of people inside a dome
Paolo passed his days in the church of Saint Sebastian. He planned and painted. He put his heart into this project: His personal “Sixtine Chapel”. Paolo had just finished his last project in the Doge’s Palace, when this major project of the builder and prior Bernardo Torlioni, a fellow countryman, blew in. Church of Saint...
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red roses
It was a mild summer evening. A refreshing northern wind blew the muggy weather away. The silence was broken by the beautiful voice of the troubadour Tancredi who sang a song for the queen of his heart, Maria. The two of them had started to plan their future together, but their biggest obstacle was Tancredi’s...
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The Doge Pietro Tradonico left sated and well-disposed the church San Zaccaria. He crossed the portal, stepped out from the hardly illuminated church into the warm springtime sun that warmed and blinded him. The Campo* was filled with his subjects that tried to get a glimpse of the events and their Doge who was only...
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flat bottom boat on water
The city of Venice celebrates this year officially its 1600th birthday. It is said that Venice was founded on the 25th of March 421, but is this true? Just think about the date, the 25th of March: A symbolic day in the Christian Church. On this very day an angel visits Mary to announce: “Do...
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person holding lighted sparkler
Get those prosecco glasses and let the cork fly: A Happy New Year to all of you! What did you say: I’m 2 months late? On the contrary! In Venice the New Year was celebrated till the end of the Republic in 1797 on the 1st of March. February was thus the last month of...
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arc art bass bowed string instrument
A woman was lying in bed, her face was contorted by pain. She was not alone, a woman was sitting at her bed. Suddenly a shrill scream was breaking the silence of the room and the walls began to shake. It was not the voice of the woman, but the voice of a child. A...
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detailed text on pages of book
We all know the button I in Microsoft Word, but did you ever wonder who invented the italic type? We actually have to thank a man that lived in the 15th century: Aldo Manuzio. Up to the present day, we don’t know a lot of details concerning the origin of Manuzio. He was probably born...
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woman girl eyes blur
The streets were filled with people from all over Europe: Women dressed in long flowing dresses and large swinging skirts, the face hidden beneath a Bauta* or a Moretta*. Men were dressed in elegant jackets and powdered wigs, white silk stockings and elegant shoes, hiding their face with a mask. It was Carnival! Giacomo was...
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city romantic building fog
The city was all haywire as an important visitor was expected: Frederick IV king of Denmark and Norway would visit the Serenissima. Obviously a regatta couldn’t miss! The Serenissima organized regattas on a regular basis in occasion of important festivities (amongst others to keep the male citizens fit for war) or the visit of VIPs....
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  •   beatrice hat das super gemacht. es war sehr kurzweilig und interessant.

    thumb Madlen
  •   Beatrice war super! nett, höflich und flexibel (sie brauchte viel Geduld, Weil unsere Tochter ist nur 1 Jahr alt). Sehr interessant und engagierend, definitiv zu empfehlen!

    thumb Martina
  •   The tour was super exciting and Beatrice showed me many little hidden corners.
    If you don't fancy a 0815 city tour, Beatrice is the right person for you.
    She organises the tour with a lot of charm and wit, so that the time flies by and you gain so many great and interesting new insights about Venice.

    thumb Nadine
  •   Die Entdeckung des „versteckten“ Venedigs mit Beatrice war einfach toll. Beatrice hat es geschafft, mit verschiedenen Medien (Büchern, iPad, Steine und guten, witzigen und interessanten Geschichten) uns zu fesseln, so das die Zeit wie im Fluge verging.
    Man merkt Beatrice die Liebe zur Stadt an, was Sie mit vielen guten Tipps vor und nach der Führung unterstreicht. (Der Eisempfehlung und der Sonnenuntergangsfotospots sollte man auf jedem Fall folgen )
    Wir werden die Führung von Beatrice auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

    thumb Anja
  •   Ich habe meiner Mutter und ihrem Freund die Führung mit Beatrice zum Geburtstag geschenkt und die beiden waren total begeistert. Neben den spannenden Einblicken in die Geschichte von Venedig haben sie vor allem auch von der netten, hilfsbereiten und offenen Art von Beatrice geschwärmt. Toll fanden sie auch, dass die Führung nur in kleinen Gruppen stattfindet.
    Die Führung ist wirklich nur zu empfehlen.

    thumb Laura
  •   Ein echtes Highlight in einer Stadt, die von besonderen Dingen nur so wimmelt: Beatrice hat uns in einer zwei-stündigen Tour durch versteckte Gassen Venedigs geführt, hin zu zauberhaften Orten, die man als normaler Tourist nicht finden würde. Die Gruppe war mit 4 Personen schön klein und Bea konnte individuell auf die Fragen eingehen. Mit Bildern, Anschauungsobjekten und Anekdoten hat sie uns die Geschichte und den Aufbaus Venedigs toll erklärt. Im Nachgang haben wir noch tolle Infos und Tips bekommen. Bei unserem nächsten Besuch buchen wir sie wieder!

    thumb Steffen
  •   Vielen Dank an Beatrice, die uns mit guter Laune, interessanten Geschichten und Details, nur wenige Gassen vom Markusplatz entfernt die versteckten Ecken gezeigt hat. Sie liebt "ihr" Venedig und daran hat sie uns teilhaben lassen. Danke für diesen schönen Vormittag .

    thumb Petra
  •   Einfach toll!

    thumb Christian
  •   Beatrice war eine herzliche, sympathische und ihren Kunden zugewandte Touristenführerin, die uns Venedig noch einmal näher gebracht hat .
    Sie wußte zu jedem Thema, das wir angesprochen haben, eine geschichtlich fundierte Erläuterung zu geben und fügte zusätzlich noch kleine Anekdoten hinzu, sodass uns die Geschichte Venedigs besser in Erinnerung bleiben wird.

    Die Zeit ist wie im Fluge vergangen, da sie Ihr Wissen lebendig vermittelte und stets auf unsere individuellen Wünsche einging.

    Ihre Tour dauerte länger als geplant.

    Beatrice ist als Touristenführerin unbedingt zu empfehlen.
    Wir werden Sie bei unserem nächsten Aufenthalt in Venedig zur BIENNALE 2022 versuchen wieder zu buchen.

    thumb Louisa
  •   Die Führung mit Beatrice war hochinteressant und äußerst spannend. Wir lernten Orte und die dazu gehörenden Geschichten kennen, die wir sonst nie entdeckt hätten. Die Führung war zu keiner Zeit langweilig und es kam uns Zugute, dass, bedingt durch Covid, die Stadt sehr leer war!
    Wir können Beatrice nur weiter empfehlen und werden ihre umfangreichen Kenntnisse Venedigs im Herbst, bei unserem nächsten Besuch dort, gerne wieder buchen!!!

    thumb Hans Joachim

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