What you’ll find here …

The Venetian offer jungle

Do you know that moment? You’re planning your holiday … let’s say … in Venice and start with a basic research to understand how the public transport is working, where the laguna is exactly located, which accommodation to choose (in Venice city center or Mestre) and, last but not least, where to find a good restaurant?

As I realized after a few stays of family members here in Venice that the first-time-orientation in Venice is pretty difficult –

– I decided to create this site.

Finding his/her way through the Venetian offer jungle is nearly impossible: From the MuseumPass to the Vaporetto dell’Arte (not existing any more) and even the new VeneziaUnica (for sale since September 2013).

„Sirenissima? There’s a typo!“

No, no typo. 😉 When I thought about a name for this site, I found this beautiful citation by Jean Cocteau:

Sirenissima LogoThe association of Venice, the Serenissima, with a mermaid – as there are numerous venetian legends where mermaids play a decisive role (cf. merletti of Burano) – pleased me so much that I decided to adopt the pun „Sirenissima“.

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