General Terms and Conditions

Booking and payment
1. Booking requests must be sent through the booking form on this homepage or by mail to Beatrice Baumgartner. In order to process your booking request, please indicate the tour you’d wish to book, the exact number of participants and the tour date/time in your mail.

2. Beatrice Baumgartner will answer as soon as possible to your booking request (with a booking acceptance mail) to either confirm her availability or to suggest an alternative date/start time and in order to comunicate you the payment arrangements.

3. The booking is only to be considered confirmed once Beatrice Baumgartner sends you a booking confirmation mail with a tour voucher.

4. Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash on spot before/after the tour. The type of payment will be agreed after the clients booking request. Once Beatrice Baumgartner receives the payment on her bank account or on the day of the tour, Beatrice Baumgartner will send you the invoice. The tour voucher will precise the tour meeting point, the tour start time and a telephone number to contact in case of emergencies (client being late, …).

5. Please bring the tour-voucher (also a digital version on your cell phone) to the meeting point for the tour check-in. The voucher contains all the important tour data (the tour date, tour start time, the meeting point) to make sure that the client arrives punctually at the meeting point. Please consider that the meeting point can change according to the specific tour the client has chosen. Please contact Beatrice Baumgartner in advance in case you are not sure where the meeting point is.

6. Beatrice Baumgartner will wait for you at the meeting point at the indicated time. The tour will start punctually. Please make sure to arrive 5 minutes before the official tour start time at the meeting point to disuss organisational questions. In case the client arrives late without communicating his delay to Beatrice Baumgartner, Beatrice Baumgartner will wait until 15 minutes after the communicated/official tour start time. Clients who don’t arrive at the meeting point until 15 minutes after the official tour start time will be considered a “no show” by Beatrice Baumgartner. Beatrice Baumgartner can not be held responsible for the delay of the client. It’s the responsibility of the client to arrive on time at the meeting point. In case of a no show, the tour price will not be refunded to the client.

7. Please consider that the number of participants is limited to guarantee a tour in the respect of slow tourism. In case other guests, like friends/relatives/family of the client, would like to join the tour, this must be comunicated to and confirmed beforehand in written form by Beatrice Baumgartner. Beatrice Baumgartner has the right to increase the price of the tour in case of a higher number of participants than expected/comunicated by the client during the booking process and indicated in the tour voucher.

1. Beatrice Baumgartner indicates the tour price on the homepage and in the booking acceptance mail. The total price can consist in a price per person or a group price. In case of groups that exceed the maximum number of participants indicated on the homepage, the tariff can be a combination of a group tarif and the tariff of a price per person.

2. The tariff doesn’t include admission fees to monuments, eventual transportation costs oder other services that are not explicitly specified in the tour description/tour voucher/tour confirmation mail.

3. Eventual admission fees are comunicated to the client beforehand in the tour description on the homepage and in the tour acceptance mail. Beatrice Baumgartner can not be held responsible for eventual price changes of admission fees, or other costs, as they are out of her control.

1. Beatrice Baumgartner can not be held responsible for extraordinary or unforeseeable events out of her control. These events can be for instance strikes, adverse weather conditions, floodings, adverse and extraordinary high tides (acqua alta), acts of nature beyond control, monuments/museums that are closed without prior communication or other unforeseen events.

2. Beatrice Baumgartner has the right to change the tour in case of dangerous situations, impassabilities or other adverse conditions.

3. In case of hight tide Beatrice Baumgartner recommends the client to wear rubber boots for the tour. Please consult the App Hi!Tide or the high tide forecasto of the City of Venice at this link

1. The acceptance of the offer (the booking of the tour through the homepage or by mail) includes the automatic acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and all the therein included conditions of cancellation.

2. Beatrice Baumgartner can not be held responsible for acts of nature beyond control, strikes, thefts, epidemics, pandemics, technical issues or administrative issues with public transportation, closure or block of airports, averages, adverse weather conditions events, extraordinary tides, floodings or any other situation out of control of Beatrice Baumgartner and that can’t be avoided. The tour of Beatrice Baumgartner also take place with rain and muggy heat/weather. It is the responsibility of the client to dress according to the weather conditions.

3. In case of acts of nature beyond control Beatrice Baumgartner concedes the claim of an alternative tour on an alternative day/time. This alternative date will be communicated in written form to the client by Beatrice Baumgartner. In case Beatrice Baumgartner can’t offer an alternative tour to the client, because of professional or private reasons, the tour price will be refunded completely. In case it’s the client who doesn’t accept the alternative date, Beatrice Baumgartner will not refund the tour price.

4. In case of an omission or neglect on the part of the client, and out of the control of Beatrice Baumgartner, for instance the client’s arrival at the wrong meeting point, the client’s arrival at the meeting point at the wrong time, one or more participants that can’t participate at the tour due to illness, indisposition, etc., the tour price will not be reduced or refunded.

5. In case of a tour cancellation on the part of the client the following cancellation policy and cancellatin fees are applied:

Up until14 before tour start: free of charge
Example: A tour on the 15th October 2021 at 10.00 am can be cancelled until the 01. October at 10.00 am free of charge.

14 days until 7 days prior to tourstart: 50% of the total amount

Less than 7 days prior to tourstart or NO SHOW of the client on the day of the tour: 100% of the total amount

October 2023

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