Venice: (nearly) without barriers

Venice: the city built on 121 islands and connected by 417 bridges. This fact can be a big problem for some visitors, but don’t become desperate, the Comune di Venezia has created/suggests some barrier free itineraries for all those with physical or sensory disabilities.

Furthermore, the new project “Gondolas4all” will give you the possibility to experience a romantic tour in one of the Venetian gondolas starting from Piazzale Roma where a new terminal for wheelchair useres is built and probably ready for use around Easter 2015. Update July 2015: The service is open to all members of Gondolas4all (inscription fee of €20). For more infos I recommend you to write to gondolas4all using their form on their website (unfortunately only in Italian, as the English version of the website is still under construction). 

With the organisation L’altra Venezia (that offers itineraries by boat for wheelchair users) you can discover the islands in the Venetian lagoon.

A travel agency that offers assistance/services for visitors with disabilities is Sanitrans. You’ll find further information (Italian/English) on their website.

Find the link for the below listed itineraries here:

la Marcienne


Santa Margherita


Santo Stefano

Santi Giovanni e Paolo



Castello ESt

Ca’ d’Oro

Santa Marta

Rialto Mercato

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