Carnival in Venice: some hints

Were you ever thinking about participating in the Venetian Carnival? To slip in one of those famous masks and to discover the city as Casanova or Colombina? 

Or do you have by chance an Assassins Creed Costume? Parcours is actually forbidden in the city, but you will also be able to get some quite amazing pictures during a walk through the city without jumping from one building to the next. 

The beginning of Carnival?

The Carnival in Venice lasts about two weeks and starts with the famous Festa Veneziana sull’acqua, an artistic spectacle at the Rio di Cannaregio with different artists that show off their talent.

Festa Veneziana sull’acqua | 16th of January 2019 ? | 06.00 pm and 08.00 pm? | Free of charge

Make sure you arrive early enough as the space at the fondamenta (walkway) is limited: personally I always made sure to arrive about 40 minutes earlier and popped in one of the local bars to get an aperitivo and some cicchetti for the waiting time. The date and time still have to be decided for 2019!


Carnevale Venezia 2015 Festa Veneziana Sull'Acqua
Carnevale Venezia 2015 Festa Veneziana Sull’Acqua


Furthermore, the Festa Veneziana sull’acqua takes place twice, thus (in case you miss the first performance) you can still watch the second one that immediately follows the first one.

Those who freeze easily and want to be smart 😉 can book a hotel facing the Rio di Cannaregio: like this you can watch the show from your hotel room without waiting in the cold.

The Volo dell’Angelo, the Angel’s Flight, marks the official beginning of the Carnival and takes place one week after the Festa Veneziana sull’acqua. You can either assist in the crowd in Saint Mark’s Square or buy a ticket for the arena that is set up right in Saint Mark’s for this special event and guarantees you the best view over the spectacle: You can imagine that it is quite impossible to see a lot from a girl suspended 100 meters above your head. It’s only at the end of her flight, when she reaches her landing point (the stage), that you will be able to admire her costume. In case you wonder what the Angel’s Flight is all about, just have a look at the official video clip below created by Venezia Unica:

Volo dell’Angelo | 24th of February 2019 | 11.00 | Free of charge (Till now there is no information about the ticket sales for the arena available)

When is the best time to visit?

In case you wish to see more masks and masked Venetians you should visit Venice the week end before/at Mardis Gras when most people dress up to celebrate the end of the Carnival.

Are there any special events?

The Carnival theme changes every year and included Alice in Wonderland, culinary traditions, Casanova’s women, … and 2018 CREATUM VANITY AF-FAIR.

Official Dinner and Ball

All those of you who are lucky enough to dispose of a big bank account can get a ticket for the official dinner and ball that takes place on different dates during the Carnival. €500 per head and you are in! 😉 (Attention: Dress Code)

The Doge’s Ball

An even more exclusive ball and pompous event that only takes place once a year is the famous Doge’s Ball organzied by Antonia Sautter, who was the first one to recreate the grandiose Venetian Baroque Style Balls organized in one of the most beautiful palaces facing the Grand Canal: Palazzo Pisani Moretta. (The Dress Code is very important and if you are not sure who you want to contact: Antonia Sautter also offers a costume rental.)

In 2019 the Doge’s Ball will take place on the 2nd of March. The theme: “The Magnificent Ephemeral”

Notti all’Arsenale

For those who want to party without spending a fortune there will be the Notti all’Arsenale, the Nights at the Arsenal, with shows and dj set. You can already buy the “early bird” ticket for the opening party for €10/person including a RedBull (the other dates are not unblocked yet), but at the moment there’s no information available about the Notti all’Arsenale: just check the official homepage for updates by clicking on the image below.

No infos for 2019 at the moment!

Carnevale all'Arsenale 2018
Carnevale all’Arsenale 2018


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