The only vineyard in Venice

The landing stage at the San Giuliano Park swung up and down while we waited for the waterbus “vaporetto” that should take us to Sant’Erasmo – one of the Venetian islands: The reason wasn’t the cool strong wind (that refreshed us on this hot summer day), but the private boats in all sizes and shapes that were steadily passing by. (You can be a 100% sure that a (mainland) Venetian will hit the beach on a beautiful summer day.)

“Vaporetto ahead!” and after a complicated landing maneuver our vaporetto and “Isole in Rete”-pass brought us to Sant’Erasmo. Our mission: Finding the only winemaker in the Venetian lagoon who opens his cellars to the public (the curious and the professional oenologists) during the event “Isole in Rete”.

Sant’Erasmo: L’Orto

You will recognize the manor of the vineyard from a distance: a charming, Venetian multi-story house in reddish colors in the midst of vines. Michel, the owner and winegrower of the “Orto” (originally from France), was recharging his batteries in the sun when we arrived at his propriété viticole and when we revealed ourselves as “Isole-in-Ret”-ians he immediately guided us to one of the tables behind his house where his colleague served us two glasses of excellent white wine. We started a very interesting conversation, enjoying the view over the Lazzaretto Nuovo, about the history of the vineyard, winegrowing practices and (more or less) everything that interests the Venetian world.

In the end, we left the vineyard with some extra-weight on our shoulders as we didn’t miss buying a bottle of the “Orto” to enjoy at home with a “branzino al sale”.

Branzino al sale
Branzino al sale
Venezia - Sant'Erasmo: Una bottiglia dell'Orto
Venezia – Sant’Erasmo: Una bottiglia dell’Orto
Sant'Erasmo: Un nuovo cittadino a Sant'Erasmo
Sant’Erasmo: Un nuovo cittadino a Sant’Erasmo
Sant'Erasmo: Carciofi e Vino
Sant’Erasmo: Carciofi e Vino

The next (and last) Isole in Rete in 2015 takes place from 26/09/2015 to 27/09/2015. You find the Italian program on the Isole in Rete homepage.