Osteria allo Squero

The term “squero” stands in the Venetian language for the workshop where the typical Venetian boats are produced and repaired: the gondole. You’ll find one of the last squeri near the museum Accademia and the Zattere at the Fondamenta Nani (Rio de San Trovaso): it’s immediately recognizable due to its alpine-country-style.

Just in front of it, on the other canal side, you’ll find the bàcaro Lo Squero with a neat choice of cicheti (about €1/piece); and what’s better than an ombra, a glass of wine, against your thirst after a hard day running from one monument to the other?

Lo Squero
Lo Squero

The bar is just like all the other bàcari in Venice very tiny and that’s why you’ll find most of the clients, alla veneziana, with a glass of wine in the fondamenta just in front of Lo Squero.

In case you’re lucky enough to grab a seat inside you can use your snack break to have a look at different books that treat the history of Venice and, naturally, the gondolas.

A cute bar where it’s a pleasure to stay for an aperitivo or a stopover later in the evening!


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