Venetian Spritz

The last weeks it got quite „calm“ on my blog and as I neglected the Venetian delicacies for quite a while, I want to dedicate todays blogpost to the Venetian Spritz (“Spriss”).

This drink, that some years ago passed the Alps and conquered the German/Austrian bars and clubs (for double the price) is of Venetian origin and was originally a low cost alternative for all those who couldn’t afford the “trendy” coke. Today, it’s the other way around.

Aperol Spritz

But how was this cocktail invented? As you probably know, Venice was in the 19th century part of the Austro-Hungarian (Habsburg) reign and as the Venetian wine was, obviously, too strong for the Austrian soldiers they just decided to dilute (in German „spritzen“, therefore this cocktail is still called „Spritz“) it with water. And voilà, the idea for the Aperol Spritz was born.

You’ll find various versions and recipes, but today I will present you the original Venetian one:

ice cubs

1/3 white wine (no prosecco or sparkling wine)

1/3 Seltz

1/3 Campari, Select or Aperol

1 slice of orange

1 olive

You should respect the above “mixing order” as the Spritz will have a way stronger taste when you use the Aperol first and then the other ingredients.

An Aperol Spritz costs normally about 2 Euros/2,50 Euros, but depending on the location it’s price can also rise to 11 Euros (for instance in the Hilton Molino Stucky).

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