Venice 2.0.: Tours with tiny groups

A new start for Venice: tiny group tours can be offered again! More quality, bye bye mass tourism.

Yippee, since the 25th of May 2020 official tour guides can work and propose tours again!

Hygienical and organizational rules have to be respected though (see attachement 2 of the Regional enactment 50 of the 23rd of May 2020/Ordinanza 50 del 23 maggio 2020):

Update: Regional Enactment nr. 55 of the 29th of May

  • Mandatory use of facial masks by the tour guide and the participants
  • Regular disinfection of hands
  • Respect of social distancing and the assembly ban
  • Appropriate information of tour participants concerning the measures that have to be taken
  • Transcription of a program that plans activity as far as possible or pre-booking; the list of participants has to be conserved for 14 days
  • Activities have to be organized in tiny groups (max 10 persons per group not including the tour guide)
  • Audio guides or whisper systems can be used under the condition that they are sanitized after use  
  • Brochures and other information material has to be sent to participants online

This regulation must also be respected by tour operators who offer walking tours, museum tours, … Find more here (Italian):

Ordinanza regionale n.50 del 23 maggio 2020 con “Misure urgenti in materia di contenimento e gestione dell’emergenza epidemiologica da virus COVID-19”

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