Covid-19 measures on public transportation

To avoid the spread of Covid-19 certain rules have to be respected during the use of public transportation service.

It is mandatory to wear masks at the bus stop/trainstation/…

Gloves are not any more mandatory (see governmental decree DPCM del 17 maggio 2020 and the regional decree Ordinanza della Regione Veneto n. 49 del 18 maggio 2020).

Rules on board of public transportation (bus/train/boat):

  • mandatory use of a facial mask
  • only sit down on indicated seats
  • keep minimum social distance (1 meter/3,2 feet) to other passengers
  • avoid standing face-to-face, rather look into driving direction

Have a look on the new regulations on the official website of ACTV to stay up to date (partly in Englisch).

These rules can be updated at any time, so please check the official website of the respective public transportation service company for more information.

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