The Devil’s Bridge

During my tour in Torcello (took me nearly 2 hours to get there from Piazzale Roma) I also saw the ponte del diavolo:

The origin of this diabolic name, The Devil’s Bridge, is unknown but actually it’s very often associated with a legend that tells that, during the Austrian occupation, a young Venetian girl was in love with an Austrian soldier. But the family – who wasn’t very “happy” about this union – killed the young soldier. Out of disperation, the girl asked a witch for help and met her on Torcello – an isolated place and therefore perfect for magical rituals – at the bridge where she called the devil. The devil brought the Austrian soldier back to life and the couple immediately fled. But the devil, as you know, doesn’t help you without being payed and therefore the witch promised him the soul of a dead child on Christmas eve for the next seven years. But the witch died in a fire immediately after this pact with the devil…Therefore, every year on Christmas eve (24th December), the devil still waits for his souls at the Devil’s Bridge disguised as a giant black cat.

Continuing to the main square of the island you will also see Attila’s Throne.


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