Self-service bookshop

One of the most original bookshop ideas in Venice is for sure Acqua Alta near Campo Santa Maria Formosa with its book stairway, but now I just discovered a new one near the Scuola Grande S. Giovanni Evangelista: a self service book-/antique shop.

You might ask what’s so special about it, as all bookshops are based on the principle of self service? Well, in this shop the owner is not present (thus the shop is closed), but to the left and right of the door you find various old books (in German and French too), DVDs, old tapes, masks, … for sale. When I passed: €2/item.

But how do you pay for the articles you chose if no one is present at the cashier?

Here’s the answer:

Venezia: Box per pagare libri
Venezia: Box per pagare i libri

A wooden box to drop your €2 coin. Pretty nice idea, isn’t it?


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