The Doge’s Palace: Centre of the Venetian Power

The Doge’s Palace has not only been the seat of the Venetian government, prison and home of the Doge, but also the materialization of the values of the Venetian Republic.

What are we going to do

On this tour through the richly decorated rooms of the Doge’s Palace, you will not only discover paintings of famous artists like Tintoretto and Titian, but also learn how the Republic was working.

Who decided about war and peace? Why and when was the dreaded Council of Ten founded that was responsible for Casanova’s incarceration in the leads?

Please take with you

Good shoes


2 hours of private tour

Price for 2 hours of private tour

€40 (minimum number of 3 participants) per person

Not included in the tour price

Tickets for the Doge’s Palace are not included in the tour price. Please check the official homepage for prices/reductions.


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