The Forest Carpenedo

One of the most interesting (and last) parks in Mestre is certainly the Bosco di Carpenedo that you could discover during a bike tour.

At the entrance you will be welcomed by volunteers that will provide you with information material and offer you a free guided tour (every hour in Italian). The gathering point is at the entrance.

The bosco di Carpenedo consists in a historical/old wood (access only with guide) and a new part with a tiny pond. It’s absolutely worth it to benefit from the free guided tour to understand the wood’s history, it’s flora/fauna, the difference between the historical and the new part, … Actually, the wood is not intended to be a picnic area, but a green enclave for people interested in discovering nature: a visit of the bosco di Carpenedo is going to be interesting for people who take an interest in environment, for biologists or simply those who search some tranquillity. A tour through the wood of Carpenedo can be a very entertaining experience for kids too: discovering squirrels, moles, crabs,…

Bosco di Carpenedo - Mestre: Farfalla
Bosco di Carpenedo – Mestre: Farfalla
Bosco di Carpenedo - Mestre: Canneto
Bosco di Carpenedo – Mestre: Canneto

Opening hours

Inquire the website of the Boschi di Mestre

The wood is only accessible in certain periods of the year (from spring to autumn) and for a maximum of 80persons/day.

How to reach the wood

By bike: bike path (see map) – bike “lot” at the entrance

By bus: nr .  2 Viale Don Sturzo

By car: parking space available


Dogs can’t enter the wood!

Only a few minutes (by bike) away from the wood is the homonymous Forte Carpenedo.


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