Redentore 2019 – Das Erlöserfest am 20. Juli

I think that Redentore (Redeemer’s Day) was the first big Venetian festivity that I experienced here in the laguna (well, apart the Carnival) and I still remember how impressed I was because of the huge masses of people filling the fondamenta and the calli on this day! (Not that Venice ever lacks visitors … 😉 )

Redentore in Fondamenta

Redentore in Fondamenta

In case you wonder what „Redentore“ is all about and why it’s
such an important tradition in Venice: „Redentore“ means
„Redeemer“ and the „Redeemer’s Day“ is held every year on
the third week end of July to celebrate the end of the black death in the 16th
century (1577) and the construction of the homonymous church (Chiesa del

People have the possibility to cross the Giudecca canal once a year by
foot, from the Zattere to the entrance of the Redeemer’s Church (Chiesa del
, built by the famous architect Palladio), on a bridge made
of boats.

The whole city celebrates this day – especially along the fondamenta of the
Giudecca canal and on dozens of boats of different sizes, from huge yachts to
tiny motor boats, in the laguna in front of the Saint Marc’s Square (Bacino
di San Marco
)- drinking, eating and partying till the beginning of the


On Saturday the 20th of July the Votive Pontoon spanning over
from Dorsoduro to the Redeemer’s Church will be opened at 07.00 pm

The fireworks will take place on the same day, the 20th of July,
starting from 11.30 pm (weather conditions permitting) in Saint Mark’s

On Sunday, the 21st of July, you will be able to assist the Regatta
of the Redeemer
in the Giudecca Canal starting from 04.00 pm.

Also check the website of ACTV for changes of
public transportation service.
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Festivities around Venice

Serra dei Giardini

Live Music and DJ Set from 06 pm – 12 pm Click

Silent Party from 12 pm
– 2 am Click here.

The earbuds for the silent party cost €8 in pre-selling, €10 at the
entrance. Infos here. Admission
to the party is free of charge.

Redentore Garden Party

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Redentore Techno Boat

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Redentore La Chic Boat Party

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Redentore Boat Party

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Redentore Cruise and Dinner

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Redeemer’s Day Gala Dinner at
the Doge’s Palace

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