Redeemer’s Day 17th July 2021

Fortunately “Redentore”, the Redeemer’s Day festivity, is going to take place this year. Contrary to last year there will even be the traditional fireworks.

Redeemer’s Day fireworks in Saint Mark’s Basin 2021

(Please click here for my blog post with some infos on this very traditional Venetian festivity.)

The city has decided that the number of visitors will be limited for Redeemer’s Day.

Places to stand or sit on the public “rive” (walkway next to the water) must be booked beforehand here and (The portal will be activated on the 13th July in the morning.)

Also all those who will visit Redentore with their private boat will have to book their spot online too on the same websites.

All visitors who assist the Redentore festivity on the “rive” and by boat will need a “Green Pass” to attend the event, means: a vaccination certificate, a certificate that confirms recovery from Covid (not more than 6 months ago) or an antigenic test (not older than 48 hours).

There will be different Covid-test-stations around the city for the antigenic test: You can find more infos on the website of the city of Venice (above).

In case you absolutely don’t have a clue, what you coud do, where you could go, and how to celebrate Redeemer’s Day in Venice, don’t worry, I will give you some indications in this blog post.

Redeemer’s Day fireworks in Saint Mark’s Basin 2021

Party – like the Venetians do – by boat

Jolly Roger the Venetian Galley offers on their pirate boat a welcome drink, buffet, free bar (for certain drinks) for €150/person.

Raffaello Navigazione offers a boat tour from Chioggia/Sottomarina in the Southern Lagoon to Venice city centre on Redeemer’s Day for a total of 6 hours. In 2020 a drink was included in the price. This year the homepage doesn’t indicate any drinks. The ticket will cost you €55 (adult), 35€ (children 4-12 years), 0€ (children 0-3 years).

Chioggia is a beautiful littly city, very similar in style to Venice with a famous fishmarket, means you could also overnight there.


Vgmania offers a very similar package with open bar and buffet for €99 (discounted).


offers two different kind of parties: Under 35 for €95 per person with DJ, buffet and cocktail and a Classic Redentore Boat Party for €185 per person with dinner.

Venice to see

Fish, cocktail, music on a boat in the midst of Saint Mark’s Basin is on the menu of Venicetosee, an agency that offers a Redeemer’s Day Experience starting from €185.

Riviera del Brenta instead offers different solutions for you Redeemer’s Day festivity:

Redeemer’s Day VIP with dinner: a cruise from Fusina terminal on the mainland to the city centre passing also the Arsenal, San Servolo, … and a dinner on board. Prices range from €140-€160. Find more infos on the menu, … on their homepage.

Brussa is boat even gives you the possibility to rent a boat with or … without driver! So you could also create your own private Redeemer’s Day party on the water!

Party in one of the restaurants with a view

Hotel Savoia & Jolanda offers a dinner starting from €40. Please enquire directly on the hotel homepage for more infos.

Hotel Monaco offers a gala dinner for €400 per person (beverages not included. Please click on the link for the menu.

The Ristorante Principessa in the Hotel Savoia & Jolanda also offers the possibility to exclusively book the Altana (rooftop terrace) for the Redeemer’s Day festivity. The cost? €1800 for 6 persons and €150€ for every extra guest including a welcome drink and a dinner. You can find the menu and more infos here:

Hotel Londra Palace offers different packages for Redeemer’s Day: An overnight stay with Redeemer’s Day dinner or 2 nights with Redeemer’s Day Dinner (starting from €795/€1290).

Party like the Venetians do on the fondamenta “in the street”

This year, as of Covid-19, we still don’t know how partying in the streets is going to work … as soon as I have more infos for you, I will let you know!

Update 10th July: It is confirmed that you will need to prebook your spot along the waterfront and that you will need a green pass to access your “observation point” (vaccination, recovery or antigenic test).

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