How to book your spot on the beach in Covid-19 times

Since the 18th of May 2020 it is again possibile to hit the beach!

To guarantee the minimum social distance between all visitors, a special app was designed for Jesolo to book your umbrella/sunbed beforehand online on private beaches and your spot on the equipped free beaches (spiaggia libera attrezzata).

Like this the stream of visitors shall be managed effectively.

So, no worries, no plastic boxes on the beach where you will be slowly steam cooked! Grazie a Dio! 😀

The private beaches of hotels are managed by the respective hotel and are, surely, still available to clients.

The new app for beaches in Jesolo is called J.Beach and can be downloaded

Update: The long announced app uses the platform “cocobuk” as an interface, so actually you don’t even need to download the app, but you could also book the beaches directly here.

You are not obliged to wear facial masks on the beach under your umbrella and your sunbed, but once you can’t guarantee the minimal social distance of 1 meter when going to the beach bar, showers, … you have to use a mask.

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