From Titian to Rubens

Exhibition in the Doge’s Palace

5th of September 2019 – 1st of March 2020

More infos hereThe apartments of the Doge are normally not accessible, during temporary exhibitions, with the “normal”entrance ticket, but only with an extra entrance ticket for the exhibition.From Titian to Rubens instead IS actually included and thus an amazing possibility for visitors of the Doge’s Place to visit the apartments AND see masterpieces of art.

The return of Tintoretto after more than 200 years

An angel fortelling the martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

This altarpiece was originally located in the church of San Geminiano, later destroyed to make space for the Napoleonic wing. The painting passed in private hands until, in the late 1980s David Bowie, the rockstar, bought the painting. After his death in 2016 the painting passed again in private hands and is now on a long-term loan to the Rubens House in Antwerp.

Never before seen masterpieces

Some of the paintings are part of privat collections and have, till now, never been shown in public: a unique possibility for all visitors of the Doge’s Palace.

This painting for instance depicts probably Titian’s lover and their daughter Emilia.

I won’t tell you more, but definitely grab this chance to see Rubens, Van Dyck and Titian in one room!

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