Hidden Corners of Castello

Castello is one of the Venetian „Sestieri“ that still maintains the original charm of the city and whose buildings tell the adventurers that lose themselves in its Calli numerous histories.  

We start our walk through this marvellous district at the so-called “Pantheon of the Doges” and hear about an unlucky sculptor, who left his marks there.

Then, our discovery-walk will bring us past the cloister/convent of the „merry nuns“ to a magic place where no evil stands a chance, neither war nor the plague.

We will also see tiny local shops on that are still today important for the daily life of the citizens.

Our tour will end at the Arsenal, the former Venetian shipyard, where the fleet for one of the most important naval battles in history was built.

According to the concept of “slow tourism” and in order to interact/answer possible questions of the participants, this tour has a maximum of 6 participants.

Please take with you

  • Good shoes
  • Hat
  • Umbrella
  • Water/Waterbottle


2 hours of private tour

Price for 2 hours of private tour

€40 (minimum of 3 participants) per person

All private tours can be tailored to your personal needs and wishes, for instance

  • Special interests or themes
  • Duration
  • Tour for families with children
  • Pick-up in your hotel


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